• Voss Resort – Offpiste day

    Foggy conditions, but new and fresh snow. The GPS was not very accurate to day, so the track is a bit off. Very nice snow conditions in the higher part of the resort. The sun broke through the fog on […]

  • Skreieggi – backountry skiing

    Nice temperature, only a light breeze and tons of powder provided seemingly perfect conditions. But the overcast weather caused poor light conditions and even on the ascent is was difficult at times to see the contours of the terrain. The […]

  • New AlpineSki activity on Strava

    Lots of fresh snow and good light at the start. However, the light conditions deteriorated and the snow became a bit heavier as the day want on, so I became pretty tired and opted for a run instead 🙂 Activity […]

  • Easy long run

    Got tired from skiing in heavy snow and poor light, so I went home and put on the running shoes in stead. The goal was an easy run, but that’s kind of hard when starting half way up a mountain. […]

  • Olsskavlen Rando

    A very nice day with blue sky and very little wind. However, going up the north side of a mountain means walking in the shadows at this time of year. This mountain is among the popular ones in Voss, so […]

  • Skiing in the rain

    Bad weather and even worse slopes. Distance: 5358.5 Elapsed time: 1 hour, 23 minutes, 52 seconds View more

  • Recovery ride on rollers

    Recovery day – should have been outdoors but stayed inside on rollers due to bad weather Managed to puncture the solid Vittoria Corsa G+ Graphene tires on the rollers 🙁 Not my lucky day. 3 x 15 minutes, 3 min […]

  • Topptur i Afdal mot Svarthorgi

    Topptur mot Svartahorgi i rimelig bra vær og gode forhold, men med en ganske kronglete retur

  • New Ride activity on Strava

    Rolig økt med tre innlagte intervaller på c 320 watt i rundt 2 minutter.   Distance: 20809.6 Elapsed time: 53 minutes, 12 seconds View more

  • Voss Resort map track

    Et par raske runder

      Færre folk, bedre vær og bedre løyper enn i går. Ble bare et par kjappe runder pga. andre forpliktelser. Fikk to runder rundt det store loopen rundt Ekspressheisen og utforløypen. Velidgi flotte forhold og gode løyper perfekt for carving, […]


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