• Skreieggi – backountry skiing

    Nice temperature, only a light breeze and tons of powder provided seemingly perfect conditions. But the overcast weather caused poor light conditions and even on the ascent is was difficult at times to see the contours of the terrain. The […]

  • Easy long run

    Got tired from skiing in heavy snow and poor light, so I went home and put on the running shoes in stead. The goal was an easy run, but that’s kind of hard when starting half way up a mountain. […]

  • Olsskavlen Rando

    A very nice day with blue sky and very little wind. However, going up the north side of a mountain means walking in the shadows at this time of year. This mountain is among the popular ones in Voss, so […]

  • Slow down to speed up

    Ben Greenfield Fitnes podcast: Interview with Brad Kearns. Discussing polarized training and the benefits of low intensity workouts.

  • 10x fatloss

    The potent mix of cardio and strength


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