• The problems with ketogenic diets

    Ketogenic diets will bring relatively rapid weigh loss, but you may not lose the right stuff, and athletic performance and long term nutrition status may suffer

  • The power paradox

    The power paradox

    Hidden Brain Podcast Interview with Dacher Keltner Key points: Over time, people with more empathy tends to become leaders People who manipulate or uses various types of power tactics may initially rise as leaders, but the tend to lose their […]

  • The impact of sugar on the body

    Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast Interview with Gary Taubes, a controversial authour of several books on nutrition and obesity. My key takeaways: Sugar (sucrose) consists of glukose and fruktose, sugars that are processed through separate processes in the body Our ancestors […]

  • Slow down to speed up

    Ben Greenfield Fitnes podcast: Interview with Brad Kearns. Discussing polarized training and the benefits of low intensity workouts.

  • 10x fatloss

    The potent mix of cardio and strength

  • Pulling up the ladder: How the last wave of immigrants fears the next

    Hidden Brain Podcast episode on immigration and debunking the view that the US tradiontally has been a well integrated, English speaking society only now being threatened by new waves of immigration.

  • Hjernen får deg til å overspise

    Vi er programmert til å tiltrekkes av søt, sakt og proteinrik mat – i alle kulturer I alle kulturer følger man intuitivt følgende formel når man vurderer hvilken mat man gpe etter : (kaloriinnhold – kalorikostnad)/(tid å skaffe). Altså flest […]


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