A very nice day with blue sky and very little wind. However, going up the north side of a mountain means walking in the shadows at this time of year. This mountain is among the popular ones in Voss, so I could follow a well beaten ski track all the way to the top.

As I crested the top was I able to catch a few minutes in the sun, but at temperatures around -14C it still left me cold and with numb fingers. I joined a group of three other skiers on the way down. The mountain top had only packed snow, but as the hills go steeper, the powder became deeper, and as we entered the forest, the powder was deep.

A nice mountain with no steep sections as long as you stay on the main ridge towards Voll.


Activity name: Topptur Olsskavlen
Distance: 13416.0
Elapsed time: 3 hours, 20 minutes, 53 seconds
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