Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast
Interview with Gary Taubes, a controversial authour of several books on nutrition and obesity.

My key takeaways:

  • Sugar (sucrose) consists of glukose and fruktose, sugars that are processed through separate processes in the body
  • Our ancestors were not adapted to a high intake of sugar, because natural sources of sugars have high contents of fibers etc. Current day sugary drinks, sweets, cakes etc. provide us with much more sugar over a short period of time than ever before in human history
  • When people from isolated islands or native tribes get exposed to western diets, they typically develop obesity. The most significant change in their diet is typically that they start eating refined grains and sugar.
  • When we consume a lot of sugar, the body becomes insensitive ot insulin. Pregnant women who consume a lot of sugar may “imprint” insulin insensitivity to their babies, harming their digestive system and setting them up for obesity
  • Salt may not be causing high blood pressure – there is no recent studies that have confirmed this hypotesis. Subject with high blood pressure typically are overweight or obese and have various other ailments, many associated with high sugar intake. Thus, Taubes thinks that sugar may be the true source of high blood pressure. This is based on reasoning and is not proven in any studies.
  • Insulin in the blood causes the body to stop burning fat and only burn sugar in the blood stream. By constantly eating carbs and sugar, fat store will never be activated as an energy source.

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